Papeete, Tahiti 1979

Why do I want to go to Volcano Bay?

When I first saw the promo’s for Volcano Bay I was taken by the South Pacific theme.  Volcanic Islands thrusting up from the sea, palm trees, and Tiki’s had always had an attraction for me.  So when I had the chance in 1979 to get to the South Pacific, I grabbed it!

It was after a hard posting where I had gotten in, but then the Air Force was not able to extricate me until 13 months later.  I am not at liberty to say where.  The point is that I was required to live there for more than a year under another identity, and the strain was immense.  However, it was in  April of 1979 when I was extracted, and debriefed.  For the posting I was entitled to Hazardous Duty pay and it amounted to quite a sum.  I was given a hardship leave of 30 days and was told to “get lost for a month and forget.”

Well, orders are orders so I took a flight to Los Angeles, and at the airport there I asked, when is the next flight to Tahiti?  I had to wait a good 10 hours, but then I boarded the plane and after a long non-stop I landed at the airport in Papeete, Tahiti, where I got a jitney to the Sofitel Hotel on the East coast of the Fa’aa district facing the island of Moorea.

I spent 30 wonderful days there and also visiting Moorea, mostly swimming, sunning, and cocktails in the evening.  It was very peaceful there and the natives had an extremely laid back life style.  The big excitement of the day was when the tourists would go to the dock and watch the ships unload.  It was idyllic, restful, and left an impression on me that lasts to this day.

However, afraid that things had changed, and not to the better, I have never returned to Tahiti.  I prefer it to be as I remembered.  Yet, nowadays I love to sail down to the Bahamas and the Caribbean which evokes similar feelings for me.  And there are some delightful islands, especially in the Eastern Caribbean.  But it is this island longing that draws me to see Volcano Bay and it’s backstory; ‘the migration of the Waturi to the island of Krakatau, that is the theme for Volcano Bay.’

I am hoping this upcoming visit to Volcano Bay will remind me of Old Time Tahiti.  Will know next week, and I will have my laptop with me so that I can blog about it in the evenings.  Aloha!

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