Another March Snow Storm

I came back from Florida and it snows!

It seems almost a bit odd that  I would come back from a vacation in Florida where the weather that was unseasonable cold, only to come back to New Jersey and find that there was a ‘bomb cyclone’ on the way.  Actually this is the fourth such storm to strike this March.  There was a lesser storm on the day before I flew out of New Jersey.  I had to drive through snow flurries to get to the airport at 0300 on Tuesday the 13th.

After returning from Florida I had thought that the snow season had finally ended, only to find out on this past Monday that I could expect another, larger storm to strike on Wednesday!  But none the less, I include a recitation of this incident under my category of “My Favorite Things”.  That is because now that I have retired I now longer have to worry about shoveling out the driveway to get to work!

The snow began at 1200 yesterday and I thought that perhaps it’s magnitude had been underestimated.  However when the snow began it fell so heavily that I could not see the houses across the street.  On the Weather Channel they estimated that the snow would fall at a rate of 5 cm/hr, with the snow lasting for 12 or more hours!  However, I had plenty of groceries in the house, and there was absolutely no need for me to go out of the building for anything.

As a matter of fact, there was no need for me to even leave the apartment, and I did stay in all day.  This morning I woke up at 0500 and decided to do a load of laundry, not a problem since I have a laundromat right in the building.  Right at 0600 I heard a scraping noise, and looking out the window I saw the snow plow clearing out the parking lot.  There were even a couple of guys on foot scraping the snow off of the walkways!  So no snow shoveling for me!  It was nice to watch from inside of my warm apartment.  The city snowplows have already cleared the roads, so that there should be no problem with me going to visit mom later on today.

This is truly one of My Favorite Things moment.

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