I meet a Devious Shopper

I came across a devious shopper the other day. I wanted to get some coffee creamer and some cheese. That was all that I needed. But rather than go to the Walmart, or even the Shoprite and make my way through these two very large stores, I decided to go to the Acme which is much smaller, and a lot less crowded.

Coming back to the front of the store I noticed that there were only two open regular cashier lines. But that was not a concern for me as I was going to the Express Line – 10 items or less. I was surprised to find a lady with a shopping cart full of groceries in the Express Line. She did not want to wait in the much longer regular cashier lines.

This is what one would call a dilemma. Now there are different ways that she could have handled this dilemma once the cashier pointed out to her that it was Express – 10 items or less. My thought was that she ought to leave the Express line and go to one of the other lines. But she clearly had thought swiftly, and deviously, and certainly effectively.

She started to put items on the belt, counting off 10 items, and then putting a ‘divider’ on the belt. She would next count out another 10 items, and then place another ‘divider’ on the belt. Being a curious person, I started to count the items. There were 43 of them so she wound up putting the groceries into 5 different orders. Four orders of 10 items, and then One order of 3 items. And then should told the cashier to ring them up individually!

She was using a credit card to pay, so she had to insert the credit card 5 times to get all of her groceries. The clerk and I both decided not to make a scene, and she got away with her stratagem.

But now I wonder, should I have made a scene? Perhaps I am just to easy going anymore. I am curious, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “I meet a Devious Shopper”

  1. I would find it annoying but I wouldn’t say anything. I think it is up to the cashier to enforce the rules.


  2. Where there is a will, there is a way. I probably would have said something to her but it was nice and courteous the way you handled it. The checker even told her it was 10 items or less. If I was really in a hurry I would have been very mad. Can’t believe she charged the credit card 5 times.


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