I was going to blog about Train Traveling?

I had planned to write about taking a trip on Amtrak possibly at the end of this year. However it turns out that before I could really get my research done and get done to doing the actual writing, there was a “Breaking News” alert to the effect that there was another mass shooting, this time out in San Bruno, California.

I am finding myself feeling strangely accepting of this news.  I guess that I am becoming hardened to these mass shootings.  I feel really bad about this.  But I am thinking that as a country we are all becoming hardened to this.  Now, let us be clear; this shooting is not a school shooting, early views is some sort of murder/suicide type of thing, with 1 person shot dead, and 4 others in the hospital, perhaps they got in the way.  It is way too early to decided exactly what happened here.  To me that is not the point.

The point is that there are way too many shootings here in the USA, and this is not a problem in other developed countries. (I am not speaking of places like Yemen and Somalia, those are different).  The number of shootings that we have here in this country are NOT NORMAL.

I do not know what the perfect solution would look like.  I don’t know if there is a perfect solution.  I do know that we have to do SOMETHING.  But there is a matter of Politician’s Logic as enumerated in “Yes, Minister:

  • We must do SOMETHING,
  • This is SOMETHING,
  • Therefore we must DO IT!

That is no solution either.  But still there must be somewhere we can start?  Or are we all condemned to going around with clear plastic backpacks and magnetometers everywhere?  Do we all need body armor?

This is something that upsets me so much that I decided to just write it down.  And it has shoved other considerations aside for the moment.  It just makes me so sad.


1 thought on “I was going to blog about Train Traveling?”

  1. I haven’t had the news on all day so I was shocked to read your blog. What is this world coming too. We are in the end times but I don’t want to go by way of a gun. Thanks for keeping us informed.


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