I contact Comcast to claim my Senior Citizens Discount

Comcast CHAT STARTED AT Apr 23, 2018 11:16:58 AM

Paul: I have recently turned 65 and retired, so I wished to claim my Senior Citizens Discount as offered by 2017 Cumberland County summary of services for Senior Citizens and the Disabled. I am qualified for NJ PAAD.  However Chanel (voice customer service person) at 800-266-2278 told me: ‘that I do not pay enough for services to qualify for a discount’ (huh?), to paraphrase. ‘If I am willing to pay more, then I would authorized to pay less’ (again HUH?) or to paraphrase that (WTF?)

Why do I not qualify for 10% senior citizen discount?

You are now chatting with Royal— >11:18:19 AM

&nbsp;Royal</span> : <span class=”message”><p>

Hi PAUL, thank you for contacting Xfinity Chat Support. My name is Royal.

>As I understand you want enquire about senior citizen discount on your current plan.

Since your account security is important to us, so we are making sure that we have pulled up the right account details. I would request you to please provide the below information.

1. Your Full Name
2. Complete address along with the zip code

Thank you for verifying this details.

As I have checked we have great promotion going on which will lower down your bill and provide you with the upgraded services as well. Shall I share the details with you?

PAUL: If it involves a trial period, NO. I am sick of limited promotions that when they expire the rates jump 20% or so, (how do you think my bill wound up near $160 in the first place). I NO LONGER want 12-24 months trial or, just how much longer does comcast expect me to live to want to fight constantly over limited period promotions.

11:32:12 AM Royal–>

I understand and really regret the inconvenience caused to you. However Comcast offers promotions on great discount and they are for limited time. however you can always change you plan when the promotions expire to the new available promotions

PAUL: No thanks, when I try to cancel there is always a big fight, there is always “one more promotion” and I hate having to threaten legal action. I am getting too old for this nonsense. Is there a discount for senior citizens, or is it a scam, like these silly things I get from every car dealer in the Vineland Area? Just give me the truth, I am just getting too old for this nonsense. Is it Yes or No?

11:38:16 AM: Royal–>
I apologize for unconvinced however currently we are running any senior citizen (?, I think she meant we are NOT) discount .  As Comcast packages comes with great discount already.  However you can check the Internet essential plan eligibility.  If you want I can share the contact details of them

11:41:35 AM Royal–>  You can&nbsp;check for eligibility Internet Essentials can visit the Internet Essentials website at http://www.internetessentials.com es.internetessentials.com;or call 855-8-INTERNET (855-846-8376)

11:41:42 AM

PAUL:I just want a YES/NO answer. Is there a Senior Citizen Discount?

11:43:05 AM Royal:–>

I am sorry, however we do not have senior citizen discounts currently. however please call on the above number for Internet essential plan for senior citizens

11:44:18 AM

PAUL: That took 23 minutes to get a NO.


Well, there you go folks.  If I spend more money I can claim my Senior Citizen Discount.  The only real question left is a simple one:

Is there a package that is less than a 10% price increase, so that there will be a financial justification to claim my 10% senior discount?  Is it worth the effort going to the website suggested to see if there is such a increased service plan?  True enough that being retired I have the time, but I weary of these corporate mind control games.  Reminds me of the way baseball batters and pitchers try to freak each other out!  It is a total bore anymore, at my age, I had rather take a nap.

Well, at least I do get 10% off at Denny’s!  I went there this morning after my haircut.  At Great Clips I get $2 off for being a senior citizen, and another $1 off for being a veteran, so I get $12 haircuts.  I get $52 a month of food stamps, so I guess that there is nothing really for me to complain about.

But still, the arrogance of it.  YES, you do get a 10% Senior Citizen discount IF you upgrade your service!

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