Changes to Batuu Mission Plans

I have to make changes to my plans for traveling down to Star Wars / Galaxy’s Edge at the end of 2019. The latest press release is to the effect the in Disney Studios in Orlando Florida will open “Late Fall 2019”.  This is quite distressing to me and makes me have to consider two very unappealing options.

I will have to cancel the idea of going down to Orlando in the middle of November.  As we all now fall runs from Sept 20th to Dec 19th.  With the release of Star Wars IX scheduled for December 20th, it is clear that they want to open the land before the movie release, but I cannot count on a soft opening much before 12/19/2019!  These attractions are very high tech, and there is a lot of possibility for breakdowns needing a long “run in” period.

It looks like I have to figure on three timetables:

  1. Try to get a room over the Peak Christmas period and take a chance that the Black Spire Outpost (name of the settlement on Batuu) will be open for the holidays, or
  2. Scheduling a visit very early in January, thus avoiding the Peak Hotel charges, but taking a chance on snow delaying my departure or return, or
  3. Scheduling a Springtime trip around my birthday, which would obviate the snow problem (or at least most likely to), but that risks taking a chance that the AP blackout will ended and cause extreme crowding.

Because Disney has invested a huge amount of money into this transcontinental program, and has every incentive to get the area OPEN any way they CAN by 12/20/19, perhaps I should go for Christmastime visit and pay the Peak Hotel rates!

I would like to hear your opinions on when to go.

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