Star Wars Episode IV, the novel

I just finished reading this book. It is very closely hewn to the movie’s screenplay! This is not a criticism I assure you. There are a couple of points though…….

Such as in the prologue, where Chancellor Palpatine becomes the emperor, but then is captured by the bureaucracy and becomes portrayed as out of touch and kept isolated. Certainly nothing you would expect of a Sith Lord!

Meanwhile Darth Vader is portrayed as a Sith Lord with no hint of an Anikin Skywalker, nor being a former Jedi Knight…….

All that being said, I greatly enjoyed reading the book! But it is clear that this novelization was done without expectation that there would be a prequel! But very few expected at the time that this movie would eventually make the “Greatest” list.

I am greatly looking forward to beginning my reading of The Empire Strikes Back Episode V layer on this evening.

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