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Blood Domination RPG Essay


Blood Domination © by Abracadabra, Inc.

The theme of “Blood Domination” is “blood and contract”. This original work is based on the “Dom/Sub universe” and is a visual novel BL game targeted at women.

What is Blood Domination Storyline? | The controlling “Dom” and the dependent “Sub” — these are “the second genders” of the vampires. When vampires of two different second-genders meet, they can establish a “bond contract”.

Located in a spacious land, in a mountain recess is “Eclair Gymnasium Academy”, a school where young vampires experience youth. The academy teaches its students about “bond contracts” and requires them to find someone to be their contract partner for a limited amount of time.

With the goal of sealing a “bond contract, blood leads theses students to their fated pairs…..

Dramatis Personae

Izayoi – a delinquent who comes from a noble family and acts indifferent towards the idea of forming a contract bond. He behaves like a “punk”. Yellow Hair, Red Eyes

Uzuki – a vampire of ordinary lineage. (My AVATAR) Brown Hair, Green Eyes

Takamine – a broad-minded guy of an ordinary lineage, and the childhood friend of Uzuki. Black Hair, Tall, Brown Eyes

Chihaya – a vampire with the attitude of a “queen”. He comes from a noble family who highly values pedigree. Very Standoffish, Pink Hair, Red Eyes

Kasumi – principal of the academy, wise, gentle, a source of good advice when asked

Game System

“Blood Domination” is a visual-novel Boy Love game. Players get to enjoy the scenarios through scenario tickets. You can play the game for free by receiving five scenario tickets every day at 4 AM Tokyo time. For special scenarios / accessories you will need to purchase “Rubies” which are exchanged for game play items.

You determine the course of the boys love stories by choosing different options throughout the scenarios. Deepen the bond that the player has with his lover and enjoy beautiful CG’s and exclusive scenarios. Pompous, sadistic, hot and cold nobles––these fascinating character traits and more await you! Their interactions are at times intense and other times sweet. Enjoy the thrilling ride! Don’t miss the mind blowing CG’s in this game, which takes place in the “Dom/Sub universe” where the nature of the character’s relationships is that of control and dependency.

7/25/2018, I begin Play as Uzuki

Uzuki’s Tale

Takamine and I arrive at the academy and are amazed at it’s size. There are so many students here! Takamine and I have been friends for years. I feel great comfort that we are here at the academy together. It will not be so scary with Takamine around.

But Takamine and I are separated during the orientation. Trying to find my way to the auditorium I get lost. I study the map, when suddenly there is a pain in my foot! Someone has stepped on it, I look up in surprise.

Before me is a tall blond teen with red eyes. His bearing is noble and imperious. “You should be more careful”, he admonishes me. He glares for a second, then he looks at me strangely, for just a moment, and then is gone. I finally get to the auditorium. I am just in time for opening lecture.

The lecture is given by the Principal of the Academy, Mr. Kasumi. He tells us in general terms about the goal of the academy.  Which is to participate in a 3 month training of Dom/Sub Bond Contracts. The students have the next 2 days to select a partner for their contracts. If any students cannot select a partner, or cannot find one, then they will be paired up by lottery, and then will enter into the training contracts with each other.

Kasumi says that childhood friends cannot make a bond contract with each other, that has proven in the past to be inadvisable. So I cannot choose Takamine for my partner, nor vice versa. I have no idea on what basis to make a decision and so I procrastinate.

Eventually four students, myself, Takamine, Izayoi, and a Chihaya, are all called into the principals office because the four of us have not selected a partner. Izayoi is the boy who stepped on my foot and admonished me the first day!

The lottery is conducted, and I am paired with Izayoi, and Takamine is paired with Chihaya.

Both Izayoi and Chihaya have red eyes. In the vampire world this marks them as natural Doms. While Takamine and me will be the Subs in our bond contracts. Izayoi and Chihaya being from high noble families have their own dorm rooms. Which means that I will be required to move into Izayoi’s dorm room, and Takamine will likewise move in with Chihaya. I am apprehensive because I do not know just what form this “Bond Contract” partnership will take.

The lessons have taught us something about this temporary bond contract that we are entering into. From my notes, I have the ritual that “Seals” the contract for its 3 month lifetime, and will mark us as partners to each other with a temporary tattoo.

Ritual to Formalize a Bond Contract

  • The partners must mix their blood together by rubbing mutual wounds that each have made on themselves.
  • Each partner must vocally proclaim the period of the bond. (3 months in our case).
  • Each partner must drink some blood from the other partner. When the partners have done this, a SAFE WORD for each of them will surface in each of their minds. The Dom partner’s safe word will force the Sub partner to obey a command of the Dom partner. While if the Sub partner counters with his own safe word, then the Dom partner’s command will be negated! This is to prevent the Dom from totally controlling the Sub partner as this is a ‘training’ bond contract.
  • After the partners have drunk each others blood, the wounds to draw the blood will ‘magically’ disappear and be replaced by a temporary tattoo indication that the partners are now totally bound together for the period of the bond contract.

Some of Uzuki’s Notes

  • When a Dom gives an order, and it is not countered by the Subs safe word, the Sub will complete the command, whatever is commanded. Then Dom will drink some of the Subs blood. And a ‘gracious’ Dom will offer the Sub some of his own blood as a reward for obeying the command.
  • If the partners do not do a Dom-Sub Act (DS) every three days, the Sub will fall into a state of starvation. (Narrators Note: a DS is not defined, it can be any old command the Dom desires to make up!) (also noted: Uzuki does not always study the notes that he makes)
  • Despite the risk of a Sub falling into a state of starvation, nonetheless it is permitted for a Sub to use his safe word to reject any command the Sub deems not appropriate.
  • When “True Mates” (people with exceptional blood compatibility) meet, they become unfailingly tied together.
  • Rumors are that many partners with temporary contracts do eventually go on to make real (permanent) contracts with their temps.

Uzuki’s Tale continues….

That evening while Izayoi and I are in our room alone we finalize the contract. Then we decided to test it out.

Izayoi’s safe word is “SUBORDINATE”. He uses it to command me to sit on his lap, and I obey. He strokes me as if I were his pet, and oddly I enjoy that. We drink each others blood as a reward. I am puzzled about how I feel, it feels pleasant!. Izayoi seems almost to be reading my mind as he tells me; “to be controlled means that all your physical sensations as well will bend to me.”

Next Izayoi give me the command: “Subordinate, Strip!.” I refuse and use my safe word “SIT” to refuse the order. The using of my safe word forces Izayoi to sit on the floor like a dog given the command to sit. Izayoi gets mad at being forced into such a silly posture. But I do not relent, after a while he is able to get to his feet, but he is still angry.

Over the next couple of days our relationship is strained. A couple of times he tries to give me a command, but I quickly use my safe work to counter and negate his commands. Izayoi stops protesting at my forcing him to sit like a dog. Instead he stops giving me orders and we live together in silence.

But this means that as partners we are not doing Dom/Sub Acts, DS, on a regular basis. I begin to feel weak, but I had forgotten about the lesson where partners need to do a DS every three days.

A week goes by and I am feeling terrible. Izayoi still refuses to try to command me anymore, but he looks more and more at me as I get weaker and paler. Finally, Izayoi is called into the principals office. I do not know what was said to him, but when he comes back he is all different in manner.

“Uzuki” he says; “you are a fool, and I have been a fool for not remembering my lessons!” He tells me that I am ill and will get worse because we have not been doing our DS acts on a regular basis. He declares that he as the Dom will not let this continue anymore! He roughly tells me; “I am going to command you now, and you will not use your silly safe word to resist my command.

He takes a knife and then stabs himself in the upper arm. He commands me: “Subordinate, drink my blood now!” I am too weak to argue, I obey and drink his blood, immediately I begin to feel stronger!

Again he commands me: “Subordinate, sit on my lap!” And again I obey, he gently puts his hands on my shoulders and pulls me towards him, he bites my neck and then drinks my blood. Then offers me his neck and asks, but does not command me to drink some of his blood. I do and feel much better! Izayoi moves me off of his lap.

He talks to me not as a noble addressing a commoner, telling me that despite our problems, he is glad that I am his partner. Also telling me that he intends to faithfully honor our contract, not only because it was the right thing to do, but because he wanted to honor it.

I find that with his words and his commitment to honor our contract that I am softening to Izayoi, and I have feelings for him welling up inside me that I do not understand. But I am certain that we have become closer, and perhaps become a real partnership.

Although Izayoi and I are more at ease with other. We still only do the minimum DS to prevent me from starving again. He gives me no unreasonable orders that I feel the need to counter. However, a lot of his orders involve me straightening up my side of our room. I have learned that despite his “punk” act, Izayoi is a “neat freak.” He is always cleaning and putting things in order. I am more of a slob, but because I want to please Izayoi, I make an effort and keep things clean on my side of our room.

Kasumi’s Extra Curricular Lesson

We have been in school for a month now. And we are called into the auditorium for an extra-curricular lesson. Principal Kasumi hands bracelets to all of the class and instructs us to hold hands with our partners while putting on the bracelets. Holding hands with Izayoi my bracelet begins to glow. My bracelet goes pink, while Izayoi’s bracelet becomes blue. Principal Kasumi says that as our bond deepens, the colors will blend together. I figure that if that is so, then our bracelets will turn to purple. Izayoi looks at the colors of our bracelets and seems upset, he is crestfallen, and then he runs out of the room. I do not understand! Why is he so upset? I run out of the room to follow him, while Principal Kasumi says nothing but merely looks sad. It will be several weeks before I understand why Izayoi was so upset!

At the end of the week, on the weekend. We are allowed to leave the campus for the day to visit the town. Hoping to deepen our relationship, Izayoi and I go into town to have lunch. In school I usually have lunch in the cafeteria with my friend Takamine, or I get something from the school store and take it out into the garden to eat. But now we go out together. Because of his noble status, Izayoi knows all the fancy places and he leads to a restaurant, so fancy that I am nervous to even look at the menu. But Izayoi says that his family has an account here, and it is food that he likes, and that I will like as well. We have a nice lunch together. This is the first time that we have shared a meal together as partners.

Izayoi tells me something about himself. He hates formality, and he hates the way that some many lessor nobles chase after him, wanting to enter into contracts with him because of his bloodline. He tells me that he respects me for not chasing after him, for accepting him for just himself.

I tell Izayoi that I was always kind of a “cry-baby” when little and that Takamine was always trying to look out for me, and take care of things for me, that was just Takamine’s way. I feel that we are coming closer in sharing these things with each other. But it does not occur to either of us to compare our bracelet colors.

Later back at the school, I meet Takamine. He confides that he has a thing for Chihaya and hopes that they can become a couple. I ask him how it is going between them? Takamine says it is fine, but offers no details about their relationship. I do tell him that Izayoi and I are getting along well enough, and Takamine is pleased with this.

One day I notice a ‘contract couple’ halfway hiding behind some bushes, they are kissing, and one of them starts to pull the shirt off his partner, when Izayoi comes up behind me and surprises me! He asks if I am a voyeur, and I deny it.

But I say to him; “how can they behave this way in public?” Izayoi tells me to not be a prude, and to let other couples handle their relationship themselves. Although Izayoi observes: “since it upsets people like you, they really ought to take it to their rooms if they want to go all the way”. I am shocked, he says this as if it were normal behavior for contract partners. But I say nothing, we leave and go our own way.

Later on, I try to talk about partners having sex with Takamine, but I am too shy to ask when I start to blush. How can I ask if Takamine is going to have sex with Chihaya? He is my friend, do friends talk about this? I do not know!

That night Izayoi and I study quietly, then suddenly Izayoi asks me: “I saw you talking with Takamine seriously, are you wondering about whether other partners are having sex with each other?” I nod, and he tells me: “You know you can just ask me about what other couples do, you know?” I do not know how to respond, when again suddenly Izayoi asks me: “Do you wanna do it?, Do you want sex?”

I am shocked at first, wanting to say, “I do not want sex” but I stop and consider: when Izayoi and I do our DS, we are close to each other, and he rewards me by stroking my head and neck, and sometimes my chest, and I like it. Do I want sex with Izayoi? I am not sure and certainly confused. But Izayoi drops the subject, and we continue our studies.

Beginning Third Party Narration

Izayoi’s Fan Club starts harassing Uzuki

Uzuki receives a note with a threat. There are students who would like to get into a contract with Izayoi for his noble blood. These are the Izayoi Fanboys. They threaten Uzuki to cancel his bond contract with Izayoi “or else”. Uzuki decides to ignore them, but things escalate the next day. While Uzuki is in the bathroom, someone puts a bucket of water over the dividers and drenches Uzuki.

Before Uzuki can see who it was, Chihaya (Takamine’s partner) comes in, and seeing Uzuki all drenched, immediately reaches the conclusion that Uzuki is being bullied. Chihaya says that Uzuki should “hit them back ten times harder” and is disdainful when Uzuki says that is not his way. Chihaya then tells Uzuki that he should tell Izayoi about this, but Uzuki, not sure of Izayoi’s feelings, does not want to “burden” Izayoi with this.

However, he does ask if Chihaya could go to his room and bring back a change of clothes. Chihaya says that he is not a servant! And he leaves the bathroom, only to return five minutes later with some dry gym clothes that he gives to Uzuki so that he will not be shamed going into class all wet. Uzuki thanks Chihaya warmly.  But Chihaya just leaves without saying anything. Uzuki resolves not go to Izayoi for help.

However, Izayoi notices that Uzuki had changed clothes and asked why? Uzuki says that he changed because in their last DS act Izayoi had stained his pants, and Uzuki did not want to be seen like that.

(Narrators Commentary: It turns out that a lot of the DS that Izayoi and Uzuki have been doing have become more intimate and involves mutual masturbation. Uzuki has decided that is a normal part of bond contract partners. They are sometimes partly unclothed. It is an interesting commentary that this game is rated 12+ in Japan. So far none of the graphics have shown an “indecent act” nor even shown them any more than shirtless.)

This time though, alone in their dorm room, Izayoi responds by stroking the inside of Uzuki’s thigh, then he grabs him and begins kissing him without commanding Uzuki to do so. Uzuki is puzzled, but does not resist, he likes the feelings that Izayoi’s hand can pull out of him.

The next morning, out of the blue, Takamine calls Uzuki on his cell phone and invites him to double date with he and Chihaya! After checking with Izayoi, the couples set a time and place for their double date.

The Day of the Double Date

The two couples decide to go to the park for their double date. Uzuki notices that Takamine does every little thing for Chihaya. Even though both Uzuki and Takamine are Subs, it seems a little much. But Uzuki remembered that even as kids, Takamine was always doing things for Uzuki, it is just his way.

Although Chihaya seems to accept Takamine’s behavior as something due to himself. And yet, Uzuki remembered that Chihaya got him some dry gym clothes after the water dunking incident. Uzuki decides that if the relationship he sees is pleasant to both his friend and to Chihaya, then he should just not question it.

A finely dressed man approaches Izayoi and asks if they can talk? Izayoi resignedly goes off with the man. At the same time, Takamine jumps up saying that he had forgotten that the shop that sells Chihaya’s favorite Maple Danish will close soon. Takamine says that he has to pick one up for Chihaya and will brings some for all of us. He is off, leaving Chihaya and Uzuki alone together.

This time Chihaya seems comfortable around Uzuki. He tells Uzuki that the well dressed man is a Sub, and he had been destined to be Izayoi’s contract partner. Uzuki is shocked, but Chihaya explains saying; “that in many high aristocratic families they still try to arrange marriages and contracts for their sons, it is their way.” Chihaya tells Uzuki in confidence, that Izayoi had accepted his families plea for the contract with the man. And that they had lived together for a little time. But Izayoi broke the contract when the other had fallen in love with Izayoi, and that was the one thing that Izayoi could not accept.

Uzuki’s feelings of revulsion at hearing about the contract, and then feelings of relief when hearing that Izayoi had broken off the contract, made him think that he, Uzuki, was falling in love with Izayoi. But Uzuki doesn’t dare let Izayoi realize this, for he feels that he would be rejected in a like manner as Izayoi’s other contract partner!

The Unknown man in the Courtyard

After the double date had ended. Uzuki took a walk in the courtyard which had a peaceful garden in the very center. He sits down, and sees a man walk towards him. It is the same man who had once found Uzuki’s textbook that the harassers had hidden, and then the unknown man had returned it to Uzuki. The unknown man comes and sits beside Uzuki on the bench.

He tells Uzuki that he is not surprised to find Uzuki there thinking. The unknown man says: “The central courtyard is a secret place for thinking.” And he opines; “Whenever you feel chaos in your heart, it’s good to listen for the actual sounds around you. Your thoughts and feelings will eventually fall into place, and you will be able to see what you have to do, about whatever it is that you were worrying about!”

Uzuki pauses, sensing that he can trust this helpful stranger. He replies; “I am thinking about unrequited love.”

To which the unknown man says: “That’s like worrying about the sky falling” and “Your fears are groundless” and further that “I can give you as many hints as you want, but the only one who can find the answer is you!” and then “Think very carefully about the one thing that you want the most!”

Uzuki thinks a moment and then says; “I am not very good at deep thinking” to which the unknown man replies; “Not thinking is another way to go, of course!” “Trusting to your body is another way to do it as well. Be unrestrained and don’t lie to yourself!”

The unknown man looks to the distance and Uzuki follows his eyes. They see Izayoi coming towards the two of them in the central courtyard. As Izayoi comes nearer the man turns and speaks in a whisper to Uzuki: “But you know, I think that he (Izayoi) will accept it!”

Uzuki astonished thinks, does he read minds? But speaks nothing as Izayoi approaches the two of them. The unknown man greets Izayoi familiarly, (“huh, they know each other?” is all that Uzuki can think.) Izayoi returns the the greeting of the unknown man, then turns to Uzuki and says calmly; “Let’s go home Uzuki” and Izayoi turns to leave. Uzuki jumps up to follow Izayoi, but then turns to the man and simply utters: “Thanks!”. Walking behind Izayoi the only thought that runs through Uzuki’s mind is that Izayoi had said: “Let’s go HOME, Uzuki.” Izayoi had not said lets go to our dorm room, no he said “let’s go home.”

In their walk out of the central courtyard, Uzuki having already forgotten about the unknown man; tells Izayoi about the words he had with Chihaya on their double date earlier that day. Izayoi curses Chihaya for being so talkative, but he stops and speaks quietly to Uzuki. “There is nothing between me and that man that my family betrothed me to any more!” Izayoi turns away and continues walking home.

Uzuki is relieved to hear this, but is still afraid to tell Izayoi that he is falling in love with him. Izayoi had broken that betrothal because the man dared to say that he loved Izayoi. Izayoi had called that being stupid. Uzuki was afraid of what Izayoi might say if he learned that Uzuki was falling in love with him. Uzuki bit his lip and said nothing about his feelings, for fear that those feelings would not be returned by Izayoi.

And a couple more days go by. Uzuki is starting to avoid Izayoi when they are not ‘home’, he keeps his distance in classes, and in study hall, and at lunchtime. He is afraid that Izayoi will sense his attachment.

Finally Uzuki can take it no more and he collars his friend Takamine for a serious private talk, acting all ‘secretly’. Uzuki talks with Takamine, opening up all his feelings for Izayoi to his friend. He tells Takamine that he is falling in love with Izayoi, but he is afraid of being rejected. As Izayoi once broke off a betrothal with a man who professed his love for Izayoi.

Kindly-natured Takamine firmly tells Uzuki that he is getting all worked up over nothing! Takamine is clear about it, Uzuki should talk to Izayoi. And Uzuki must tell Izayoi about his feelings! “Just talk to him Uzuki! Just sit down and talk to Izayoi, tell him everything you told me!” Takamine and Uzuki have their heads close together as they speak quietly to each other.

Unbeknownst to Takamine and Uzuki, Izayoi has spotted them sitting close together and speaking quietly and conspiratorially. Izayoi, his own emotions getter the better of him, turns on his heels and goes to his room, seething. But Takamine and especially Uzuki, never noticed that Izayoi had seen the two of them talking in the falling dusk twilight.

Izayoi goes “Ballistic”

Returning late to his room, Uzuki enters to find that Izayoi grim faced and restless. It turns out that Izayoi is very angry. Seeing Uzuki and Takamine talking, seemingly talking in an intimate conversation, he accuses Uzuki of dating Takamine behind his back. He then yells at Uzuki saying: “Uzuki! You belong to me!” Before Uzuki can remonstrate with him, Izayoi leaps on Uzuki and rips his shirt completely off of Uzuki’s body. He bites Uzuki on the neck and drinks his blood.

Izayoi then bites his own finger and forcing the finger, dripping with his blood, into Uzuki’s mouth and forces Uzuki to drink his blood. Then still enraged, Izayoi pulls down Uzuki’s pants and underwear and begins to ravish Uzuki’s body.

Uzuki tries to protest, but it is like he is frozen, unable to utter his safe word, but in Izayoi’s rage, there is no guarantee that the safe word would stop Izayoi! Anyway part of Uzuki is liking this attack by Izayoi, likes being dominated by his Dom partner.

Finally Izayoi throws Uzuki onto the bed and he begins to forcibly have sex with Uzuki.  Uzuki realizes that he is being all but raped by Izayoi, but he is strangely enjoying the dominance that Izayoi is forcing him to accept.

After relaxing and then having passionate sex with Izayoi, Uzuki falls asleep, and later on awakes to find himself in bed with Izayoi sleeping beside him. Uzuki is uneasy about his feelings, and he quietly gets up and goes into the bathroom to get his thoughts into order.

Narrator’s Note

My avatar, Uzuki, is upset, thinking that Izayoi merely regards him as a possession, a possession that Izayoi has no intention of sharing with Takamine. Uzuki doesn’t think that his rape is a reflection of any more than an emblem of that possession.

However, I feel that Izayoi was upset and felt threatened by seeing Uzuki and Takamine in what he perceived as a compromising situation. I feel that Izayoi had fallen in love with my Avatar, but his nature is stubbornly masculine and he cannot admit it to my Avatar.

Yes, Izayoi was totally out of control in raping my Avatar. But I have been trying to bend Uzuki to my direction, to speak honestly with Izayoi. If my avatar could have brought himself to speak clearly and feelingly, then Izayoi would not have felt threatened and would not have stewed in his rage until his anger consumed his rationality. But I do not know what more I can do to influence the game play!

A Flashback to almost, not quite 1 Month Earlier

At this point the game takes an abrupt twist and goes to a flashback of one month earlier. Back then we break into a time when Kasumi had called Izayoi into his office for a conference.

Izayoi’s Tale

The principal calls me into his office. He says that he noticed a change in my behavior and he asks me about my past. He says that I need to think about how I am affecting my contract partner, Uzuki. My thoughts go back to the time before I entered the Eclair Academy. I can see the scene in my mind, as if it were yesterday………………

………………..there are other male students buzzing around me, flirting with me, it bores me! I brush them off, calling them “aristocratic bonbons”. I hear a voice, I look around and see two boys. One of them tall with black hair. But it is the other’s voice that draws me, he is shorter with Brown hair.

As I listen to the shorter one speak I feel like there is a current running through me. I am torn! I do not know the names of these two. How can I meet the one with the beautiful voice? I take off and follow the pair. Finally I am able to catch up with one of the students, I put my hand on his shoulder, and he turns to face me. But it is the tall one!

I ask him frantically what happened to his companion, I ask for the companion’s name. The tall one tells me that it is Uzuki that I refer to. He tells me that his name is Takamine. But it is the name Uzuki that lingers in my thoughts. Unfortunately, Uzuki had rushed off to see something or other, but I still remember some of their talk between the two.

I had heard them talking about going to the Academy soon. I realize that they must be students from the branch school. So that means in a couple of months they will move up to the academy, Eclair Academy. Being freshmen, that means that they will be enrolled in the DS courses. I determine that I need not hurry things, I am going to the Academy myself, and I will meet both Takamine and Uzuki there shortly. I have a feeling that it is an absolute certainty that I and Uzuki will meet there at the Academy in three months time. I relax and thank Takamine for his kindness.

The three months pass quickly for me. And then, at the opening day itself, I see Uzuki in the hallway, looking at a map puzzled. He ignores me, so I step on his foot to get his attention. But I cannot think of the words to say, so I insult him and I turn my back and walk off! I was stupid!

After a day I realize that Uzuki is not making any friends, and knows no-one to ask to be his partner. All of the other students have paired up. The way that my tongue freezes when I see him, I am convinced that Uzuki and I are true mates. It is destined that we be together. If I refuse to select a partner also, then at the lottery will we be paired together? I am certain that we will be paired! I am comforted by the thought.

I see Takamine and Uzuki together all of the time. But they are childhood friends. It is natural that they spend a lot of time together, and that they talk together a lot. I try to not let these talks between them make me jealous. But it is hard.

At the lottery Uzuki and I are paired together as bond contract partners. We are thrown together a lot now that we are roommates. I realize that unlike those aristocratic bonbons, Uzuki doesn’t care about my lineage. He treats me as he would anyone one else. Still, I am conflicted. Since I am a Dom I would like to control his movements, keep him around me always. As his Dom I could order him to stay with me, but that wouldn’t be fair. I will not order him to love me!

Flashback Ends, back to Now

I am walking in the central courtyard just to think. I do not know where Uzuki is, probably with Takamine somewhere. I run across Principal Kasumi, he wishes to talk with me. The Principal is below me, but I must have respect for him as Principal. We sit on the bench, and Kasumi begins to speak to me.

The Wisdom of Principal Kasumi

Kasumi has advice for me, I listen as he begins: “When your true mate is your partner, now and then you act differently and just aren’t yourself”, “I guess you can say that the Dom’s desire to control heightens to a crescendo.” “It’s similar to when a Sub enters a starved state. But what is different between the two states is that it won’t go away just by doing DS acts.”

According to what Kasumi is telling me, this desire will only grow stronger the more often DS acts occur!

Kasumi continues: “If you find your true mate, you feel as if you never want to let them go and that’s completely normal.” It’s in the Dom’s nature.”

I ask Kasumi; “What about the Sub’s feelings in all this? Being dominated over one-sidedly.” , “There’s no way that’s good, Right?”

Kasumi replies to me: “Izayoi, you’re a kind young man, BUT Doms and Subs, that’s our fate.” “The fate of vampires, who are all born with a second gender.” “Thus there are tons of Doms out there who have their Subs under complete control.” “But, if you feel that’s not for you…..then you may run into problems.” “Reason is the only thing that can win over instinct.” “Don’t just let passion take over, but face it head on with love and affection.” “So, think about how you can go about doing this.”

I do not understand all that Kasumi has to tell me. But I think that for me the only way is to talk it over with Uzuki, but I do not know if I can find it within me to talk to Uzuki honestly.”

Uzuki’s Tale Continues

I am walking in the hallway when I am accosted by the Izayoi fanboys. Once again they threaten me and tell me that I must break my bond contract with Izayoi. I am defiant and refuse. But I will not stoop to their level and fight back.

The next day I am out in the field, I thought I was all alone, however, suddenly I am pelted with baseballs, they begin to be thrown harder and I am knocked down. I cannot see anyone, but the baseballs just keep coming, I try to protect my head as best as I can.

Suddenly the voices are back, they taunt me, and say that Izayoi is going to abandon me, it is inevitable they say, I am a nothing, not worthy of his blood line. They threaten me with further retaliation, I am dizzy, almost falling into unconsciousness.

There is a yell of anger and rage. It is Takamine, he has seen what is happening and he takes it upon himself to charge my attackers, and surprised, they run off. Takamine drops to his knees beside me. He is angered at the attack, and is upset to see my bleeding. He is yelling that he is going to the teachers, he is going to Kasumi, he will have something done about this outrage, as he called it.

I gather myself and rise to my knees, I restrain Takamine. He is upset that I will not let him go for help. I tell him, he can help me back to my room. But I do not want him to make a scene.

Takamine is livid with my reasoning. I tell him that a big scene will make Izayoi hate me. I tell Takamine that if I involve Izayoi he will blame himself for bringing this trouble on me, and I implore him to say nothing, I do not want to burden Izayoi with blaming himself. Takamine calms and helps me to my feet. He is determined that I get medical attention, and I surrender, he helps me to the doctors office.

Izayoi’s tale Continues

Izayoi is remorseful over the fact that he lost control and used his superior strength to force himself on Uzuki. He knows he was wrong. He knows that he doesn’t want to be too controlling. He still is sitting in the central courtyard brooding on his shame.

Chihaya shows up and warns Izayoi that his fanboys are up to something. Izayoi knows that these bullies wanted to target Uzuki, but Uzuki would not come to him and ask for help. So Izayoi had asked Chihaya to help in intervening with the fanboys.

He asked for Chihaya’s help knowing that his family had helped Chihaya’s family in the past. Because of this Chihaya feels an obligation to keep his eye on the situation. He tells Izayoi that the fanboys seem to have an ally from the outside. Yes, Chihaya says that they are trying to sneak ‘somebody’ into the school.

Izayoi becomes worried that they may get violent towards Uzuki.

Uzuki is left in the classroom alone

Takamine came with me to the doctor, he insisted. He waits patiently while the doctor bandages me and takes care of all my cuts. We go back to the classroom. I have to make an excuse for being late and for being bandaged. Takamine looks grim, but he says nothing to contradict my story.

After class, Takamine asks that I stay in the classroom while he has to drop a package off. Then he will return and walk with me back to my room. I agree because I am feeling weak and hot, I think that I am becoming ill. Takamine leaves me, and I put down my head and doze fitfully until the time that Takamine returns.

After a while I hear a sound, I awake to the darkened classroom, I feel even more weak, and I suddenly realize, I am in a starved state. After our disagreements, I have not done any DS acts with Izayoi, it has been more than 3 days. That explained my weakness, my fever, and my dizziness.

Takamine has not returned, but I must get home. I arise, but there is a sound, there are others hiding in the shadows of the darkened classroom! I fear that the bullies have returned to retaliate! I am here alone and ill!

Izayoi hears from Takamine

I am still conflicted. I am ashamed at how I treated Uzuki, he is not only my partner, he is my true mate. I am his Dom, but I do not want to dominate Uzuki. I can give him orders, and he will like those orders. But, it is not right for me to force him to act as he wouldn’t want to act. I want Uzuki to be free, but I want him to love me as well. I do not know how to act when Uzuki himself seems so conflicted.

Besides, those worthless nobles who want my blood are after Uzuki. I know this, I was not able to scare them off with a show of anger and intimidation. Chihaya knows them and he has warned me. Chihaya will not intervene on his own account, but he does warn me.

I should be with Uzuki and keep watch. Yes, I know what I need to do, I must swallow my pride, I must find Uzuki and stay with him. Yes, I know what I need to do! Before now, both Takamine and Chihaya have told me that I “must settle this” and they are both right!

Just as I have decided, I see Takamine coming across the courtyard. I immediately know he has come to remonstrate with me. As he gets nearer, I speak first. “Takamine, you have told me that I need to “settle it”, and you were right.” I rise and continue; “Yes, you were right and I will settle it”.

Takamine, relieved at my sentiments, smiles. He tells that Uzuki has already been attacked. I grasp my chest, it is a blow. I accuse him of lying. “No, it is no lie” , Takamine tells me. “I saw it from a distance, in the heat of my anger, I charged them and they retreated, but I fear that was temporary, they will return even if I try to stand them off!”.

Takamine also tells me that Uzuki refuses to ask for my help! He says that Uzuki fears that I will blame myself, Uzuki fears that he will cause me burden and worry. Takamine also says that he knows that “something” happened between me and Uzuki that has caused a rift.

I confront Takamine and tell him that it was he who came between Uzuki and me. Again Takamine smiles and tells me that I am wrong; “I have never flirted with Uzuki, I swear” “We have been friends since we were kids” I listen carefully and watch his face carefully, looking for signs of deceit. But there is nothing accusing in his face.

Takamine continues; “Uzuki is like my family, we are brothers. Uzuki can tell me things that he is ashamed to tell you. I have asked him to talk to you, but he is afraid to burden you. He is afraid that you will hate him if he asks anything of you” Takamine further tells me; “But, I will never forgive you if something happens!”.

I instantly realize that Takamine is telling me nothing but the truth. There is no reason for us to be enemies, Takamine and I both are in love with Uzuki, but in our different ways. His only concern is take me to Uzuki. To make me take care of Uzuki, and he will help me with this! Suddenly I realize that Takamine is in love with Chihaya, and nothing will change that.

Takamine tells me that he left Uzuki in the classroom, asking him to wait until he, Takamine returned to get him. He says that Uzuki looked ill. He tells me that it is my responsibility to go and escort Uzuki home.

As I start to go, Takamine holds up his hand. He wants to ask a question. “Are you going to go to Uzuki as a Dom or as a Lover?” At first I am surprised by his impudence, but I give him a firm reply: “I am going as both!”

And further I tell him: “I want to give Uzuki happiness that will please him as a Sub, but more than that I want to now meet him head to head and face him as myself. You will be relieved to hear this, you will no longer have to play the guardian role for your friend, but you may come with me and help”

I grasp Takamine’s hand and we begin to run back to the school, I say to him: “Come my friend, show me where you left Uzuki!” Together now we run to the school, I wave Takamine ahead, to lead me to where we need to be.

As we run I think to myself: “This is what Principal Kasumi was talking about. That part of a Dom’s natural instinct! I will eliminate anything and everything that harms Uzuki, and with my own hands”.

We come to the classroom, Takamine and I. But the classroom is empty and dark! Takamine worriedly takes out his cellphone and dials Uzuki, but we hear the ringing, over there is Uzuki’s bag, there is his phone. But Uzuki himself, he is not here!

Kasumi comes into the classroom and stiffly he tells us that the classrooms are closing for the day. I face him and ask; “Have you seen Uzuki!” the answer is Yes! A little while ago he saw Uzuki walking down the hallway, he points, and then he tells us that Uzuki was with a bunch of students from a different class though…..!!!!!

Out of the darkened Classroom!

Uzuki’s Tale Continues

I find a bunch of students crowding around me in my weakened state. One grabs my arm as the other jostle around me. They are pulling and pushing me along with them out of the door and down the hallway. I am helpless in their arms. I feel so weak and dizzy, I cannot tell where they are taking me!

It is as if the school has been deserted, there are no other students, nor do I see any teachers as these ‘hoodlums’ bustle down some halls and around a couple corners! There is a door, I am pushed into a dark room and fall to the floor. I struggle to get up and stand, but I cannot! The others gather around me, it is clear that they can tell that I am in a starved state. They begin talking to me, they taunt me by saying that Izayoi has abandoned me, that is why I am so weak and helpless, they insist that means that I have been abandoned. One of my attackers says that my contract with Izayoi was ‘an eyesore!’

Suddenly from the darkness, an unknown voice says; “I had a contract with Izayoi, but it was broken, and I was forced to transfer out of this school because of it!” I recognize the voice, it is the man from the park! We were on our double date, and a man came up and asked to speak privately with Izayoi, It’s him! Chihaya had told me that this man had been betrothed to Izayoi, BUT, it was Izayoi who have broken the betrothal and contract. He has been watching and waiting for his chance to sneak into the school and with the help of his thugs, they will try to make me break my contract with Izayoi!

I get to my knees, and then by grasping a chair I get to my feet, only to find a tall student I have never seen before, the voice from the darkness tells me that this student is his current Dom, but that from now on he will be Uzuki’s Dom! This student commands me to kneel to him! Bang, there is a flash of light blinding me, my heart begins to pound! It is like my blood is rioting in my veins and I feel even more starved!

I cannot help myself, my body begins to move despite my wishes. The man says; “This is Sub-Drop, have you heard of it?”, “Normally a sub will only obey the command of the Dom that he is paired with”, continuing with “but when the Sub is in a starved state, it is a different story, if another Dom gives an order while the sub is starving, then it will throw the body of the sub into confusion, That is Sub-Drop!”

I try to not kneel, I do not want to obey this Doms command, but I am so weak…….

The voice continues saying; “and when the sub finally obeys the new doms command, his contract with his old Dom will break! You will be a Sub with a NEW Dom!” I halfway remember being told something like this in an old lesson, I should have paid more attention in class, then maybe there would be something for me to try, I feel empty and full of despair, I dare not obey and kneel, I must resist!

But the other Dom commands me again to kneel, and again there is a flash of light blinding me. I keep up the fight to not kneel, but it is taking all of my will to do so. Voices around me chant, “It is useless to resist” repeating over and over.

In my despair, I see Izayoi face dimly in front of me, and I realize that I LOVE Izayoi, that is what’s important, Izayoi is my Dom and I want no other Dom, and I need to tell Izayoi that I love him, if I can only do that then things will change. At the completion of that thought, I feel some strength, like a soft breeze, it keeps me on my feet, and now I am angry, finally I have something to say to my tormentor………

My voice comes weakly, but as I talk I get a bit louder and firmer with each sentence: “Are you Okay with doing something like that to your contract partner?”, and “Well, he is YOUR Dom right!, Making him give me a command and trying to make him my “Dom”…Are you actually OK with that!!!!”

All the mans says to my anger is: “What do you mean?”

I am really angry now, a new strength pours into my body and I am ready to let him have it. Even if it was unwilling on his part, he is a Sub too, he has a contract with this Dom he wants to force on me, doesn’t he feel anything about that?

Uzuki: “I’d hate it if it were me…..having ‘my Dom’ give some order to another other Sub, a command!…..At first I didn’t know anything bout Bond Contracts, but, the person you enter into a contract with becomes someone you have a Special Relationship with!” continuing with; “How can you treat YOUR partner like that!?” If Izayoi gave someone else’s Sub a command, well I would absolutely hate it. Obeying an order that Izayoi gives me is my privilege as his sub.

The man finally replies weakly by saying: “As I said, it is just a temporary contract with me. He’s nothing more than a game piece. There are no feelings involved.”

Uzuki angrily follows up on his temporary advantage: “Isn’t it because you think of your partner as nothing more than a pawn, that is why things didn’t work out with you and Izayoi!” and “I don’t know why Izayoi ended his contract with you, BUT, at least, I think part of it is because he hates the idea of using people”

The man shouting: “Shut Up!, You Shut Up!!!”

Uzuki is relentless: “If you thought that you loved Izayoi then you would not have been such a coward and you would have faced him head on!”

The man raises his fist, Uzuki still just barely able to stand, shuts his eyes and waits for the blow to strike, bracing himself as much as he could……….behind his shut eyes he hears a shout……



I heard some noise, maybe some yelling, I race down the corridor trying to find the location. I suddenly stop, it came from in that room, I grab the doorknob and pull the the door open, there is Uzuki!, there is “HIM”, he is raising his fist, he is going to strike Uzuki, I dash and grab his arm. I am Izayoi of old family, I will not let him strike my sub! I will denounce this piece of garbage and the low-life’s he gathers around him!

“YOU ARE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO SHUT UP JERK!” I yell at him. I have more to say however, “Uzuki is MY Sub. He belongs to me! If you dare to touch what’s mine’…..well, you know what will happen, AND all you other garbage know what will happen to you!…”

The man submits telling me that he is sorry. Shaking he drops to his knees. Uzuki, now with wide open eyes, and feeling great relief, sees all the thugs, now in the background do not dare to challenge Izayoi when he is in this towering rage, the whole scene reeks of confusion.

I release the arm of this slug, he and his fellows are cowering in front of me and my blood line. I turn to Uzuki, and I bow my head and speak apologetically to my contract partner: “Uzuki, I am sorry to be so late. I knew that this man had a reckless streak, but I was very remiss, are you OK? Can you forgive me?” Uzuki nods to both of my questions, and I turn back to the man who threatened him.

I tell him; “I knew that you had feelings for me. But, you see I could not stomach your attitude. Your attitude that so long as I returned those feelings, nothing and no one else mattered! I can’t deal with people like that…that’s why I turned down the contract with you. I had thought that I made myself crystal clear when I spoke to you in the park”

The Man whimpered: “But that was too much Izayoi…Even making me transfer schools”

I reply; “No buts, it wasn’t me who decided that, it was my old man. I will admit that I felt bad that he just had to stick his nose in this business like that. But, you know…..

Uzuki thinks that despite Izayoi’s rough tones, there is a kindness in Izayoi’s eyes as he looks at the guy, Izayoi is really a kind person Uzuki thinks.

Narrators Note: (shades of Eliza Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcey in Pride and Prejudice)

Uzuki Tale Continues

I am thinking that Izayoi doesn’t even toss this guy off to the side. I guess you could say that he is being thoughtful? It kind of makes me jealous. It is not like I want Izayoi to beat this guy up. Everyone else in the room was shaking when Izayoi had that intimidating air of his, so I know that there wont be anymore harassment from now on.

Izayoi turns back to me and says again: “Are you OK? Why did you end up doing what these guys told you?” he asks as he gently touches my shoulder. The feeling of his hand has my heart making a sound that I do not like. I tell him; “uuh…I-I don’t think you should touch me right now, it’s pretty bad”.

Izayoi: “are you in a starved state right now? Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner!?” “For the time being I’ll give you a command to do something simple”

I tell Izayoi that the state of starvation happened because he forced himself on me and after that I was avoiding him!

But unconcernedly Izayoi tells me that he meant that he would give me a command right now so that I could obey and then they could get him out of a state of starvation”

I guess that I am still very unstable, despite the request, and I find myself saying irrationally that I am going to end the contract! In my state I no longer even care that my tormentors are still kneeling about the room, listening to me and Izayoi! I go on in my delirium: “I’m going to make a contract with that guy” pointing at the man would was trying to be my new dom, “I don’t need you Izayoi!”

Izayoi calmly replies to me: “Why are you telling me this, now, so late in the game?”

Suddenly the dams burst, I am crying and can only blurt out: “What do you expect me to do? at this rate…I’m just going to end up falling more and more in love with you!”  I can’t help myself in going on: “But Izayoi, you rejected your last partner because they fell for you. and then you forced yourself on me. But I still love you! But you don’t feel anything for me—!”

There is a long pause and he scratches his head and then quickly strides to my side. And finally Izayoi speaks gently: “Drink my blood…” I hesitate frozen, but  shake my head to refuse. “Just do it, Subordinate hurry up and drink my blood so that you can return to normal, and we can talk about everything calmly and settle all”

I cannot get my Safe word out, part of me wants to countermand his command, but? So I take his finger and bite, and I drink his blood as commanded. With that one sip, the fever that had me in it’s grip fades away! And my head is clearing too! I am ashamed at the words I had with Izayoi, he did not deserve me to speak like that way.

But Izayoi merely tells me: “Are you able to get a grip on the situation now?” With a slightly exasperated grin, he begins to stroke my hair. “Look, if I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t have run all the way here to save you Stupid” I can only begin sobbing.

Sometime later I find myself in our home and in bed with the blanket pulled all the way over my head. I’m so embarrassed that I can’t even poke my head out. Even if it was the starved state that I was in that caused me to act so strangely like that. I can’t believe that I blurted out such a messed up confession and then ended up bursting into tears in front of a large group of people. Like this sucks so bad….Just kill me now…….

Izayoi has come my bedside, and asks me if I have calmed down. I tell him it is impossible, I’ll never get over it, just think of me as dead…..

But Izayoi will not have it, he has become aggravated. He rips the blanket off of me and demands that I quit spouting nonsense and that I get myself together. Izayoi demands, but does not order me to look at him. I hide my eyes behind my pillow to avoid looking right at him.

Izayoi, exasperated: “UZUKI, Hey, I don’t want to use a command on you for something like this. PLEASE look at me!”

I remove the pillow from in front of my eyes, the look on Izayoi’s face is soft and gentle. “Look, I’m sorry. I knew that those guys had their eyes on you. But, I thought that if I just kept intimidating them, then nothing would come of it. I did not realize that someone, my ex-contract partner was behind the scene!”

Izayoi pauses and he faces me completely and he lowers his head in apology; “I was careless, I’m very sorry.” The only reply I can make to his abject apology is that “I’m sorry too! Sorry for avoiding you this whole time.”

Izayoi tells me that; “No, it was my fault as well. And about that night, I’m sorry that I forced myself on you. I was not right in my head, but it was very wrong.”

I feel like the wall of silence that we had put up between us was falling. And, as if recognizing that this awkwardness between us was now gone, my stomach began to growl. That’s right, because of all that happened this after breakfast, I never had gotten anything more to eat. Even though I have not spoken out loud and I released a sigh. And as if he read my mind, Izayoi pulled out of his bag some bread that he had bought at the school store and says; “You want half?”

We munch on the bread for a while and then Izayoi speaks to me, as if he wants to get something off of his chest:

“just as how Subs fall into a starved state, Doms also have something where they begin to act strange. The desire to take control over their sub becomes stronger and stronger…or it’s like they want to hold the Sub down and make them completely theirs. That is what happened to me then..but, there is no excuse. I’m sorry for being violent and raping you”

I think this over and decided that if Doms have something like the starvation state that Subs fall into, well, then I guess what happened was legitimate. Plus if I had really hated it and didn’t want it, then I could’ve just used my safe word. But when I mention this to Izayoi, he shakes his head.

“No, you would not have been able to use your safe word, I did not give you any command to negate! I was so possessed that I just overpowered you without even thinking of giving you a command! So that my forcing myself on you was not an extension of a DS act, it was just me being too possessive, and because it was forced on you, that is why it did not count as a DS act, and that is why you started to fall into a starved state to begin with!”

“It was just that you kept going on, Takamine this, and Takamine that, so I suddenly got so jealous! Look, if the person you like keeps going on and talking about another guy, then yeah, it made me jealous! It made me out of control”

Izayoi then suddenly looks away, his cheeks lightly turning pink. It’s refreshing for me to see Izayoi like this, I spoke up: “Then, that was me being Jealous of YOU earlier today. Then that makes us EVEN.”

Izayoi, musses his hair up while thinking, and then makes a proclamation:

“Listen and listen well, because I am only going to say this once…Uzuki, I Love You. And it’s got nothing to do with you being my Sub, but because I know that you are my True Mate. That said, I am not going to wait for some DS acts to bend your feelings to me. No, even since the day I heard you and Takamine before you even entered this school. The first time I heard your voice, I knew you were my True Mate.” Then with a minor pause; “After we graduate, Uzuki please become my Formal Contract Partner and My Mate…………”


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