With All Due Apologies to Claude Rains

Dona Dute’s Favorite Catch Phrase was:

"I'm Shocked, Shocked to discover there is gambling going on here!" 
Claude Rains in "Casablanca", 1942

And mom would indeed be shocked that Trump could have been so naive as to think that crooked real estate dealing techniques would work in International Diplomacy!  The fact is the “Art of the Deal” Sensei Trump was just plain ‘played’ by Kim Jong-Un.  It was masterful the way that Trump was exposed as a fumbling bumbler.

On “Morning Joe”  5/16/2018 MSNBC, Joe referred to Trump stumbling into a predictable humiliation.  Did he really thing that North Korea would take the “Iran+” deal?

Star Wars Episode 8G

from Late Nate with Seth Meyers©2018

the opening crawl

A New Dope

It is a dark time for the Republic. The Galaxy is in Chaos. THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION rules with an iron, baby-sized fist, from a wretched hive of scum and villainy: THE WHITE HOUSE.

The emperor’s dastardly henchman, Scott Pruitt, has evaded justice, in a very nice plane. Grand Moff Pence patrols the outer rim for women to avoid. And the ruthless Trump administration is hard-ish at work on its most fiendish weapon yet: THE WALL.

In a stunning move, the Jedi master Robert Mueller has raided the headquarters of the emperor’s dumbest and most trusted lieutenant, Michael Cohen Meanwhile, a courageous band of RESISTANCE fighters searches the galaxy for a secret but definitely real TAPE that could destroy the emperor once and for all>

For more on this, it’s times for A CLOSER LOOK….

Be Careful What You Wish For

I wonder if the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives have really thought through their demand that the Department of Justice turn over to them, unredacted, all of the documents that it has in regard to the Russia Investigation.

Have they considered that should the Democrats win the house in the upcoming Mid-Term Elections in 187 days?  Should that happen all of their chairmen will no longer be chairmen on January 20th, 2019.  All of a sudden it will be the Democrats who have the power of the subpoena, and you guys (the Freedom Caucus) are creating the precedent that everything will have to be turned over to the Democrats.

I would ask Rep. Jim Jordan, are you SURE this is what you want?  Just as you are now demanding the “Nuclear Option” for the Senate, are you REALLY, REALLY SURE you want this in effect on January 20th?

House Chaplain fired by Speaker Ryan

4/27/2018 Quotes from a New York Times article by Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Elizabeth Diaz.

There is an uproar on Capitol Hill as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan demands and receives the resignation of the House Chaplain Rev. Patrick J. Conroy.  A push back has begun as  there are questions as to whether this was necessary.  It turned that the Speaker gave two different reasons the firing was necessary:

  1. He told republicans: “…..because of complaints about his availability and the quality of his pastoral care…..”
  2. he told democrats: “…..upset that the chaplain had granted an interview to the National Journal……”

Father Conroy said that he had not been told a reason, but felt that the Speaker had turned against him back in December in the wake of the prayer he offered at the opening of the session that voted Aye on the recent Tax Cut Bill where he offered:

“May all members be mindful that the institutions and structures of out great nation guarantee the opportunities that have allowed some to achieve great success, while others continue to struggle.  May their efforts these days guarantee that there are not winners and losers under new tax laws, but balanced and shared by all Americans.”

About a week after the vote, Father Conroy said, he head from the Speaker’s office.  “A staffer came down and said, We are upset with this prayer; you are getting too political” he said.  “It suggests to me that there are members who have talked to him about being upset with the prayer.”

The issue surfaces at a time of delicacy for the republicans facing a difficult midterm election.  There has become tension between Southern Evangelical Republicans (who are beginning to dominate politics in the chamber as the influence of the older Republican establishments have diminished) and North Eastern Catholic and Catholic leaning establishment Republicans.  Southern religious leaders have becoming increasingly vocal that those “Catholics” are just too “Democratic Rino’s”.

Father Conroy’s resignation is all the more contentious in Catholic circles because Speaker Ryan is a Catholic conservative, whereas Father Conroy is a Jesuit, a branch that is viewed by some as being more liberal or democratic.

For the literary minded, (realizing that nothing is ever REALLY new), it is worth remembering the incident between fictional Senator Fred Van Ackerman and fictional Senate Chaplain Carney Birch in the novel “Advise and Consent” by Allen Drury!  Real life modeling Fiction indeed! 

Is there enough room under the bus?

Just a quick note.  It looks very much like (soon to be ex Trump Lawyer) Michael Cohen was at the very least pushed towards the bus.  He may not be under the wheels, but it is coming very quickly.  In the news it is being confirmed that the new Trump Lawyers are filing motions to the effect that Cohen will be indicted, and therefore the “Stormy Daniels” defamation lawsuit needs to be held in abeyance.

The handwriting seems to be on wall for Michael Cohen; “Mene, Mene Tekel Upharsin”, ‘you have be found wanting and your days are numbered’.  He is going to go Under the Bus!

There are bound to be many more going under the bus to prop up “the donald”.  One wonders, is there enough room under that bus?