Air Conditioner Season coming up

The summer is coming up and I have to consider the air conditioning in my apartment. When I was living in the trailer over in Harding Woods there was central air conditioning. However that broke down around 2010. And for the next 7 years I had a 12,000 BTU unit for the front half of the trailer, and a small 4,000 BTU window air conditioner in the bedroom.  It was never really enough to cool the place, but it did render the trailer semi-comfortable.

Here in Buena Gardens Senior Apartments there is a 12,000 BTU wall unit, basically the same unit that is over in mom’s apartment at Baker Place.  Mom’s unit works very well for her 400 square foot apartment, but her’s is 10,000 BTU.  My apartment is 650 square feet.

Last week there were two days at 89 degrees one day and 90 degrees the other, so it was at that time I turned my unit over to Air Conditioning and checked the unit out.  It did run just fine.  But next I wondered just how much it would cost to run the unit.  So that left the question just how to calculate that?

Luckily when the unit had it’s heater half repaired I had taken a picture of the plate.  And on the plate it told me that the cooling amp load was 5.1 amps at 240 volts.  So it was just a matter of doing the calculations:

  • 5.1 amps times 240 volts = 1,224 (amp-volts = work = watts)
  • 1,224 watts divided by 1,000 = 1.224 KwHrs
  • 1.224 KwHrs times $0.2024 per KwHrs = $0.2477 per hour
  • $0.2477 per hour times 24 = $5.94 per day
  • $5.94 per day times 30 = $178.37 per month if running continuously
    • if running 50% of the time then monthly would be $89.19
    • if running 40% of the time then monthly would be $71.35
    • if running 33% of the time then monthly would be $58.86
  • I Love Math! (could you tell?)

So the next thing I need to do once we reach the summer in earnest is to measure what percentage of time the unit runs at different ambient temperatures.  They I will know just how much of my electric bill is going to cooling.

For the time being I have the thermostat set for 76 degrees, since I find that completely comfortable.

Galaxy’s Edge Trip 2019

For those keeping track of my posts, you will note the one entitled “Mission to Batuu” which was about the opening of Galaxy’s Edge over in the Disney Studio’s in Orlando, Florida towards the end of 2019.  So you would know that I intend to go there and take in the new Star Wars land.

I remember clearly when I watched Stars War when it showed in 1977 and I have been a fan for all these years.  I also liked the next two movies.  However, I was not a fan of the Prequel Trilogy.

But seeing as I want to go to the opening of Galaxy’s Edge in another year and a half, I decided that I should watch Episodes IV, V and VI again, just to have the stories fresh.  I have also decided that I need to watch Episodes VII and VII as well, since characters from those two movies will be included in the characters wandering around the Outpost Planet Batuu at Galaxy’s Edge.  I will need to be familiar with the bounty hunters as well, since they are supposed to show up around the Cantina and shopping areas of Batuu as well.

One’s performance on the Millenium Falcon is to affect how the characters will interact with one around the area.  If you get a high score you can be expected to be treated and greeted differently than if you get a low score.  All of this data is stored on ones RF wrist band which also carries the admission media as well as one’s resort room keys.  All of this data is the make an ‘immersion” into the Star Wars universe unlike any other experience.  I am looking forward to finding out for myself.


Star Wars Episode 8G

from Late Nate with Seth Meyers©2018

the opening crawl

A New Dope

It is a dark time for the Republic. The Galaxy is in Chaos. THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION rules with an iron, baby-sized fist, from a wretched hive of scum and villainy: THE WHITE HOUSE.

The emperor’s dastardly henchman, Scott Pruitt, has evaded justice, in a very nice plane. Grand Moff Pence patrols the outer rim for women to avoid. And the ruthless Trump administration is hard-ish at work on its most fiendish weapon yet: THE WALL.

In a stunning move, the Jedi master Robert Mueller has raided the headquarters of the emperor’s dumbest and most trusted lieutenant, Michael Cohen Meanwhile, a courageous band of RESISTANCE fighters searches the galaxy for a secret but definitely real TAPE that could destroy the emperor once and for all>

For more on this, it’s times for A CLOSER LOOK….

Be Careful What You Wish For

I wonder if the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives have really thought through their demand that the Department of Justice turn over to them, unredacted, all of the documents that it has in regard to the Russia Investigation.

Have they considered that should the Democrats win the house in the upcoming Mid-Term Elections in 187 days?  Should that happen all of their chairmen will no longer be chairmen on January 20th, 2019.  All of a sudden it will be the Democrats who have the power of the subpoena, and you guys (the Freedom Caucus) are creating the precedent that everything will have to be turned over to the Democrats.

I would ask Rep. Jim Jordan, are you SURE this is what you want?  Just as you are now demanding the “Nuclear Option” for the Senate, are you REALLY, REALLY SURE you want this in effect on January 20th?