Star Wars Episode IV, the novel

I just finished reading this book. It is very closely hewn to the movie’s screenplay! This is not a criticism I assure you. There are a couple of points though…….

Such as in the prologue, where Chancellor Palpatine becomes the emperor, but then is captured by the bureaucracy and becomes portrayed as out of touch and kept isolated. Certainly nothing you would expect of a Sith Lord!

Meanwhile Darth Vader is portrayed as a Sith Lord with no hint of an Anikin Skywalker, nor being a former Jedi Knight…….

All that being said, I greatly enjoyed reading the book! But it is clear that this novelization was done without expectation that there would be a prequel! But very few expected at the time that this movie would eventually make the “Greatest” list.

I am greatly looking forward to beginning my reading of The Empire Strikes Back Episode V layer on this evening.

Hentai artwork that speaks to me

I have discovered through research, that the two people in this ancient print can now be identified, and I can put a name and a title to them.  The boy on the right is Ritsu-kun in the familiar case) while the dark haired boy on the left is his Senpai, (which roughly translates into Upper Classman) so he would be referred in the familiar case as Senpai-san.  I have not discovered the name of the cat as of yet.  But give me some time.

Epoch Changing Event by 10/30/2018?, Maybe!


I recently ran across a discussion on the Atheist Experience, a You Tube channel with a 2 hour call in show Sundays, where there are usually two hosts who take callers that are believers and offer to discuss with them.  The opening question is “What do you believe, and Why do you believe it?”.  I have been watching this channel for about a year now.  Sometimes when I watch I find myself incredibly amused, and sometimes the discussions leave me rather depressed and despairing of human nature.

Two months ago there came a reference to Chris Langan and his CTMU (Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe). Now I shall not bore you with long quotes from what he has released (just a PDF, his real Book is not yet published).

It is easy enough for you to google  “ctmu”, and you will find pages and pages of what he has said, as well as pages and pages of what mathematicians, physicists, and linguistic experts think about what he has put out.  (I should note that he will not publish in the major peer reviewed magazines.  Instead he favors the Creationists publications for his productions.

I shall not share with you my reasoning on his CTMU, I shall just supply some random thoughts below. I suggest you read the first 10 paragraphs of his PDF before you yourself make any comment at all.


Chris Langan has reportedly claimed that he will prove that god exists with an equation of not more than 80 symbols.  He has an acolyte that went on the Athiest Experience show on 10/30/2016 and spoke at length to the hosts, Russell Glasser and Tracie Harris, about what he had to pass on from the “Prophet” also “The Master”.

I will include a link to the show at the bottom of this essay so that you can watch and listen to it yourself  if you wish. “Sam”, aka as Luke Skywalker, in YouTube comments section, speaks from 00:24:00 to 00:55:00 on the video, the entire video is 1 hours and 42 minutes long.


Key: Sam = Chris Langan acolyte.  Russel = Host of Atheist Experience. Tracie = Host of Atheist Experience.  Some of the main points discussed:

Sam – (asked about Langan invented term “Unbound Telesis”) says “If you take all of reality and remove everything”, then what would remain is “God, unbound telesis”

Sam – (in elaboration) “the medium that holds all of the universes that exist, ours and all other possible ones”, ….. “that medium would be God”

Sam – (more elaboration) “How far back can you go if you take away Dark Matter, if you take away anything that is Observable, or is Material, how far back could you go? The Final (sic) that would end the regress, that is God!” [1] see below

Russell – asks: “So you take reality and remove Everything that is real, that would be God?”.

Sam – “Exactly!”.

Russell – “That means that God would be Nothing”.

Sam – in rejoinder – “What would be outside of the Universe, It would be God, it wouldn’t be Nothing, it would be God”.[3]

On being further pressed by Russell about exactly what is meant by the undefined (by Chris Langan) term Unbound Telesis[2] see below. Sam – expounds – “Freedom unbound by Constraint, that is an Unbound Telesis!”.  [My thought “HUH? Couldn’t that be reworded into “Freedom not bound by any constraint” isn’t that contradictory? Are you saying God is contradictory?

After listening to Sam – aka Luke Skywalker for 30 minutes, I must admit that my head was spinning.

[1] this is basically nothing but Saint Thomas Aquinas thesis’s 1-3 claiming that there can be NO infinite regress. (logical fallacy of Special Pleading)

[2] Chris Langan never defines the term, instead he gets into the Bertrand Russell Class of All Classes paradox for about 20 pages of discussion.  But his “Unbound Telesis” seems to be a rehash of the definition of total “Nothingness”.  Not the definition of nothing to Physicists, but a total state of “Negation”. As Sam might have put it “Take all of Reality and remove the Reality, take away Everything, and which results, We call God”. (logical fallacy of Argument from Ignorance)

[3] But this is nothing but Negation, How can we test a true case of Nothingness if we do not have Nothingness to compare with Somethingness? (logical fallacy of Negation)


It seems to me that with all of the Jargon that Chris Langan and his acolyte Sam, aka Luke Skywalker, throw around there is basically nothing new here.  He is actually arguing from the same playbook as Aquinas, in effect: Infinite Regresses not allowed – the only Infinite’s allowed is GOD. As previously said, Special Pleading, everything must follow this rule EXCEPT God.

Then there is the Unbound Telesis, a mishmash of the Second Law of Thermodynamics argument, along with Nothingness means Nothingness, no existence, no parameters, no material, no nothing!  Brings to mind Kant: “From Nothing, Nothing Comes” which is just “Something does not come from Nothing”, Negated!

And yet when pressed by the hosts of Atheist Experience when something testable would be released, Sam said that Chris Langan will publish his work within 2 years.  He predicts that upon publication of his thesis and its mathematical equation of no more than 80 symbols: “All the worlds current religions will collapse and be replaced by a One World Religion!” Huzzah!, or perhaps I should say Alleluia!

If Sam, aka Luke Skywalker, is correct then by the end of this upcoming October we shall all be worshiping in a whole new religion!  Be prepared to sell your Bible stocks, heck perhaps you better sell them now before the market collapses.

YouTube Video link below:


Update on Star Wars/Galaxy Edge

Predicted Opening Date, Annual Pass Blackout days

On the YouTube video below posted Sunday 6/3/2018 is explained the Blackout dates for some of the annual pass holders in California.  This shows that the new Star Wars Land / Galaxy’s Edge that has an announced open date of Summer 2019 will most likely open on June 7th or 8th of 2019.  They figure this is why Select and Select Deluxe Passholders will have the entire month of June Blacked out for admission to Disneyland on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for the entire month of June 2019.

Also the “Southern California” category of annual pass holders will be blocked out completely for the month of June 2019

In other words, these lower tier of annual pass holders will be able to visit Disneyland and Galaxy’s Edge on Mondays through Thursdays, while the local pass holders will be blocked out completely for the month of June 2019.  This will give visitors from ‘afar’ with regular daily admission will have exclusive access to Disneyland on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, while have greatly expanded access (with local area visitors blocked out) on Mondays through Thursdays.

The Higher priced Platinum passholders will still have unlimited access to Disneyland during the entire month of June 2019 it looks like.

How this effects me?

This will have a major effect on my planning.  I will have to keep scanning the Disney Website for these black out dates which are made a year in advance so as to allow potential buyers of annual passes how much value their passes will have.

It means that the optimum days for me to visit would be Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  This is in opposition to my usual plans which are to visit the parks on school weekdays. (however, we all know that students and their parents allow school ‘cutting’ for any old reason nowadays, (I can assure you that when I was a student, this was not the case!)).

Since it is too early to tell how many months this precedent of blacks outs will last, it will ‘behoove’ me (and yes that is the word) to make my visit early and on a weekend.  The matter is very murky right now.  My feeling is that since these precedent of blackouts may only last one or two months, then I should still plan on making a visit in December 2019, even if this comes very near the Xmas holiday.  But it is still much too early to make a plan for Florida at this point.  I have attached the video below should any of you wish to check my analysis.

Youtube from Freshbaked with Analysis below

Changes to Batuu Mission Plans

I have to make changes to my plans for traveling down to Star Wars / Galaxy’s Edge at the end of 2019. The latest press release is to the effect the in Disney Studios in Orlando Florida will open “Late Fall 2019”.  This is quite distressing to me and makes me have to consider two very unappealing options.

I will have to cancel the idea of going down to Orlando in the middle of November.  As we all now fall runs from Sept 20th to Dec 19th.  With the release of Star Wars IX scheduled for December 20th, it is clear that they want to open the land before the movie release, but I cannot count on a soft opening much before 12/19/2019!  These attractions are very high tech, and there is a lot of possibility for breakdowns needing a long “run in” period.

It looks like I have to figure on three timetables:

  1. Try to get a room over the Peak Christmas period and take a chance that the Black Spire Outpost (name of the settlement on Batuu) will be open for the holidays, or
  2. Scheduling a visit very early in January, thus avoiding the Peak Hotel charges, but taking a chance on snow delaying my departure or return, or
  3. Scheduling a Springtime trip around my birthday, which would obviate the snow problem (or at least most likely to), but that risks taking a chance that the AP blackout will ended and cause extreme crowding.

Because Disney has invested a huge amount of money into this transcontinental program, and has every incentive to get the area OPEN any way they CAN by 12/20/19, perhaps I should go for Christmastime visit and pay the Peak Hotel rates!

I would like to hear your opinions on when to go.