Update on Star Wars/Galaxy Edge

Predicted Opening Date, Annual Pass Blackout days

On the YouTube video below posted Sunday 6/3/2018 is explained the Blackout dates for some of the annual pass holders in California.  This shows that the new Star Wars Land / Galaxy’s Edge that has an announced open date of Summer 2019 will most likely open on June 7th or 8th of 2019.  They figure this is why Select and Select Deluxe Passholders will have the entire month of June Blacked out for admission to Disneyland on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for the entire month of June 2019.

Also the “Southern California” category of annual pass holders will be blocked out completely for the month of June 2019

In other words, these lower tier of annual pass holders will be able to visit Disneyland and Galaxy’s Edge on Mondays through Thursdays, while the local pass holders will be blocked out completely for the month of June 2019.  This will give visitors from ‘afar’ with regular daily admission will have exclusive access to Disneyland on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, while have greatly expanded access (with local area visitors blocked out) on Mondays through Thursdays.

The Higher priced Platinum passholders will still have unlimited access to Disneyland during the entire month of June 2019 it looks like.

How this effects me?

This will have a major effect on my planning.  I will have to keep scanning the Disney Website for these black out dates which are made a year in advance so as to allow potential buyers of annual passes how much value their passes will have.

It means that the optimum days for me to visit would be Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  This is in opposition to my usual plans which are to visit the parks on school weekdays. (however, we all know that students and their parents allow school ‘cutting’ for any old reason nowadays, (I can assure you that when I was a student, this was not the case!)).

Since it is too early to tell how many months this precedent of blacks outs will last, it will ‘behoove’ me (and yes that is the word) to make my visit early and on a weekend.  The matter is very murky right now.  My feeling is that since these precedent of blackouts may only last one or two months, then I should still plan on making a visit in December 2019, even if this comes very near the Xmas holiday.  But it is still much too early to make a plan for Florida at this point.  I have attached the video below should any of you wish to check my analysis.

Youtube from Freshbaked with Analysis below