Some More of my Favorites

Some other favorite frozen dinners for my diet plan

The double bowl system means that the pasta and vegetables are steamed over the simmering sauce in the lower bowl.  These Cafe Steamers are really quick delicious, but at 9.5 ounces, you might be hungry again in several hours.
This Lean Cuisine Marketplace line is becoming one of my favorites.  Very flavorful, but only 9 ounces, after one of these, I need a snack in-between meals.  That is why I keep a couple of pears in the refrigerator for a snack.
These are a great tasting preserves, only 10 calories per tablespoon.  Great for toast in the morning with a lot of calories.
I really love this one although it costs around $4-$5.  It is mildly spicy, not to much, but combined with the Soy-Ginger sauce it is very, filling.  Lots of protein, only 390 calories.

A taste of Chicken Pecan

I have not blogged anything for several days.  I started this up without any experience.  So I have really been blogging blind.  I am hosted on, and I use the WordPress platform, but I really needed to get some books on just how to use WordPress.  However, I started up and you guys have seen the results so far.  I have finally gotten a couple of ebooks on WordPress, and I hope that I can begin to put out a more professional looking blog keeping you up to date with what is happening with me, and around me.

I have been having trouble with my weight, and a couple of years ago I was doing really well at losing weight.  However, every time I went on a cruise, well, that is another matter.  It is so very easy to binge eat on a cruise.  After all,  when aboard the ship all of the meals are included in the price of the cruise.  And especially at breakfast time it is hard since I really like an omelet!  And in the buffet line there is slabs of ham, as well as stacks of bacon and sausages.  And sometime I just cannot resist an Eggs Benedict!

But, we can talk about cruising at some other time.

With my retirement I am trying to get back to a rigorous dietary schema.  A major part of that is the use of portion control meals.  But I need to get a nice variety of these so that I am not just eating the same couple of meals everyday.  So I am constantly looking for new items whenever I go to the grocery store.

I did my grocery shopping this week Monday morning.  I went over to the Walmart Superstore here in Vineland.  I found a new meal:

Chicken Pecan
It goes into the microwave for 5 minutes on high, then it is left standing for 1 minute to cool a bit.

This Lean Cuisine Chicken Pecan was $2.50 as I remember, and it looked very good so I picked up 3 of them and put them into the freezer.

Just a little while ago I pulled it out of the freezer and cooked it as per directions, and boy it was fabulous!  As you can see from the box we are talking 320 calories, little saturated fat, and reasonable level of sodium.  But the flavor!  I loved the Maple Bourbon sauce, and the taste of the Pecans.  I can highly recommend it if you want something, quick, easy, even with it’s own dish.  Heck, it is good even if you are not dieting!

Hope you enjoy this review!  Let me know if you want me to report on other exceptional portioned meals.