Rivers of American, Disneyworld

The following is a fascinating video from Walt Disney World.  It is a brief You Tube video showing repairs being made on the track that guides the paddlewheeler river boat on its trip around Tom Sawyer’s Island.  Fans will find it interesting to see that this “seeming” river is actually no more that 6 feet deep.  This is a view that guest Very, Very Rarely ever get to see! Enjoy!

Enchanted Tiki Room Art, I got it!

I have been looking at this artwork for a couple of months now.  I found it on Etsy.com  and I really like it.  I have been wanting to order it.  It is a reproduction of some of the original art work for the Disneyland Tiki Room (which I visited back in December of 1966).  The artwork is loaded on a wood panel 11″ by 14″ and hand rubbed on the wood.  I am really looking forward to receiving this artwork and hanging it on my wall!  I should have it in perhaps 2 weeks.

I was just on the site today to take another look at it when I noticed the notice to the effect that there was only 1 print left!  So I decided that I had better order it right now!  And not take the chance that I will not be able to find this item in the future.  So that is what I did, I ordered it just now, and I have confirmation in my inbox that my order is entered and being made up right now.

They have other attraction posters available such as:

  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
  • the Haunted Mansion
  • the Jungle Cruise
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • WDW Monorail System
  • Star Tours

I would like to get some of these, what do you think?  Which ones would look good on my walls?

Tiki Room Art